Harden 1 Adidas Release Date

Jenkins was on Ellijay Road, heading into Franklin, pushing his baby jogger loaded with his camping gear, when he accidentally rolled over a snake with the jogger.

Harden 1 Adidas Release Date

"A guy answered and I said, 'I'm running across North Carolina and I just got bit by a snake.' He said, 'well, we better call 911.'"

off. I knew it wasn't a rattlesnake. I thought, I better not be stubborn about this, don't be stupid, and I dialed 911."

Jenkins, 29, of Boone, was at Mile 672 of the journey to raise money and awareness of the state budget cuts to the nonprofit Western Youth Network in Boone, where he works as a prevention specialist, when he felt a sting to the outside of his right foot.

Harden 1 Adidas Release Date

Harden 1 Adidas Release Date

Harden 1 Adidas Release Date

"But I Adidas Duramo Men's Trainers

´╗┐Barefoot runner gets a bite

Harden 1 Adidas Release Date

So far, the WYN has raised $4,000, a drop compared to the more than $150,000 lost from state budget cuts, but Matt said he is grateful for every penny that people have donated.

Harden 1 Adidas Release Date

He said he has 88 miles left until the run from Manteo, which he started July 14, to Murphy, is completed.

Harden 1 Adidas Release Date

Harden 1 Adidas Release Date

Harden 1 Adidas Release Date

Harden 1 Adidas Release Date

saw a snake slither Adidas High Tops Dark Blue

"It stared at me," he said. He forgot about Harden 1 Adidas Release Date the snake he had his own issues, and kept walking down the road. A few miles later, is when he felt the sting that he thought was a yellow jacket.

Jenkins said his father was driving him back home to Boone today where he will need to rest since the pain is pretty strong, like a badly sprained ankle. He's not sure how long it will take him to recover, perhaps as long as two weeks, but he said, "The minute if feels better, I'm going right back to the Staples' home and finish the run."

Turns out, the snake that bit Matt was a copperhead.

"It was kind of a slow day," Matt told me today. I generally don't run when it's that dark, but I had to get my miles."

He couldn't get any cell service, so he went to the nearest house, and cautiously knocked on the door. and he didn't want to scare the residents.

anything for it. Their names are Will Staples and his wife, Astrid. Will went to the hospital with me and stayed with me until my wife came and my dad came, and then they put all of us up. It was just incredible. They were so nice. The neighbors came over and everybody donated money."

"It's a great thing," he said of his snake bite. "It's one fo the greatest things that's happened on the run. It has renewed interest from the media and increased sympathy donations. It's not about me. It's about the Western Youth Network. I'm just the village idiot."

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Harden 1 Adidas Release Date

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