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haven't really been able to practice like this since I was in university. It's nice to have that chance to get out, play again and practice. It definitely makes me feel like I'm back in shape with my playing, when I'm teaching too.

Scholarships from Banff Centre for the Arts are covering about 60% of the total program cost of about $7,500.

Only 40 artists made the cut for the summer session. Tres Chic auditioned in Toronto in January. They've been rehearsing hard since they were accepted.

Human Race Nmd Ebay Yellow

just wanted to get out there and just see what other groups are playing just for the experience of getting out and just playing, performing and studying with other people, said Mio.

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Human Race Nmd Ebay Yellow

Their residency includes a chance to cut a demo CD. It's part of a promotional effort, including a website and press kit, Tres Chic still needs to develop.

The St. Basil Secondary graduate earned her undergraduate and master's degree in music from Indiana University.

just wanted to get the whole spectrum of time periods in there, said Mio.

Human Race Nmd Ebay Yellow

love practising, performing and teaching and I equally enjoy studying, doing research and writing, said Mio.

just bring our performing to a whole new level of artistry, said Mio.

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really excited to have that opportunity so that when we come home we'll have new ideas with our pieces that we can perform. trio, formed in 2011, will be expected to have several complete works ready to perform when they start at Banff on June 9.

´╗┐Banff beckons for Tres Chic

Burrows, Mio and Risling are making sure to pack a diverse program. Their selections include Mozart's Trio in B flat major, Schoenfield's Cafe Music and Canadian composer Kelly Marie Murphy's Give Me Phoenix Human Race Nmd Ebay Yellow Wings to Fly.

Human Race Nmd Ebay Yellow

Human Race Nmd Ebay Yellow

Human Race Nmd Ebay Yellow

Now a violin teacher at Algoma Conservatory of Music, Mio started work on her doctorate centred on violin pedagogy at University of Windsor in 2011. She hopes to complete that academic program, mostly by correspondence, in 2014.

challenge that it all brings and always push myself. learning opportunity beckons in June when Mio and the fellow members of the classical trio Tres Chic, Claire Burrows and Rachelle Risling, attend a three week residency at The Banff Centre.

I'm teaching all day it's nice to have this chance to really practice again, said Mio.

in some sightseeing during their time in Alberta, the main focus is sharpening their musical talents with a intense period of practice, master classes and performances.

Vanessa Mio keeps hitting the books willingly.

Human Race Nmd Ebay Yellow

Risling are also conservatory instructors.

Human Race Nmd Ebay Yellow

Human Race Nmd Ebay Yellow

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Human Race Nmd Ebay Yellow

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