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Those figures mean Hof easily has Adidas James Harden Primeknit

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Hof knows some people will roll their eyes at what they see as misplaced generosity. As her husband reminds her, not everyone sees things they way she does.

Annette Hof poses for a portrait Friday with her granddog, Jose, at Sherman Park in Sioux Falls. Hof has paid for five dogs and three cats to be spayed/neutered through Netties Spay and Neuter in order for them to be adopted and is now having a fundraiser to help pay for more.(Photo: Joe Ahlquist / Argus Leader)

She has heard too many horror stories about unwanted puppies and kittens being dumped in the country, though, to let it go on when she can do something about it.

"I've been busting my butt making blankets and doing all sorts of things Adidas Energy Boost Solar Blue to raise money for these animals," Hof says. "It's all worth it to me."

After Second Chance closed, she missed the contact with the animals, despite always having some of her own at home, along with a couple "granddogs." She missed helping out the animals and increasing their chances of adoption by funding necessary, but often overlooked, surgeries.

For those of us who do, however, Hof is a bit of a hero.

She doesn't see it that way. Hof sees it as something that needs to be done, for the animals' sake, and she has decided she's the one to do it.

Annette Hof's bucket list someday might include exotic vacations and daring adventures, but first she wants to check off something much more humble and a lot closer to her heart.

Adidas Energy Boost Solar Blue

The Crooks woman wants to make it easier for homeless dogs and cats to find someone to take them in. That's why, so far, she has paid the veterinarian fees for neutering or spaying five dogs and three cats.

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Adidas Energy Boost Solar Blue

Adidas Energy Boost Solar Blue

Adidas Energy Boost Solar Blue

Out of her pocket.

Hof, who holds down two jobs, feels that strongly about making sure unloved animals can find a permanent place to live, and she knows that's much more likely to happen if the prospective pets can't reproduce.

would take them to Dr. (Dayton) Williams at All Animal Pet Hospital, and he would spay and neuter them, and I would pay out of my own pocket. Then they were getting adopted."

spent more than $1,000 on dogs and cats she doesn't even keep.

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now defunct animal shelter. "I Adidas Harden 1 Colorways

Some people want the companionship of an animal but can't afford to pay for the surgical procedure. Hof, who has a 2 year old yellow Lab named Brandi, a 7 year old ferret named Snowy and two "granddogs," K Oz and Jose, understands how important it is to feel loved when you walk through your front door.

Since October, Hof has been raising money to start up Netties Spay and Neuter. She makes homemade dog treats, and whenever she has free time, she makes soft, warm, fleece blankets for dogs.

´╗┐Benefit to boost foster pets' chances

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According to the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society, fees vary among veterinary clinics, but it costs about $200 to spay a cat or dog and $150 to neuter it.

That's why she decided to do it again. This time, however, she's thinking bigger, with Netties Spay and Neuter. She has organized its first fundraiser. The proceeds will help pay for the spaying and neutering of foster dogs and cats in rescues and shelters.

Her goal is to stockpile $5,000. If accomplished, that would stop a lot of puppies and kittens from being born, Hof said. Right now, an unwanted animal is euthanized every eight seconds, she says. Reducing unwanted animals means a reduction in euthanization.

It also would makes the adult animals' lives healthier. That's why the fundraiser isn't all about accumulating money, Hof says. She intends to educate people on health benefits to animals who have been neutered or spayed.

"When Second Chance Rescue was in Sioux Falls a while back, I volunteered there for five years," she says, referring to a Adidas Eqt Boost Fit

Adidas Energy Boost Solar Blue

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