Adidas James Harden Sneakers

Adidas James Harden Sneakers

So, even though I have my suspicions, I likely will never know what led to my identity theft.

My credit card company had left me a voicemail (yay crappy indoor cell reception) to contact them as soon as possible about some suspicious activity on my account.

My husband debit card was hacked a few weeks before Christmas. The charges totaled nearly $5000 and the largest charge was for high end furniture out of London! There were two small charges; one for $1.79 and the other was for $10.78 both made in West Virginia. Then there were two large ones for $3845 $875 both of the larger amounts were linked to overseas charges. My husband debit card was still in his wallet and we have no idea how the thieves got his information. Of course the money was insured through our bank and we got our money back a few weeks later but we can help feeling a little paranoid about how it happened and how to protect ourselves from it happening again. We don use online merchants and we pretty careful with our private information so the question remains, how did this happen?

Now concerned that someone else was indeed using my card, I looked up a number for the credit card company (I didn't trust the number left on my voicemail) and called.

Before I reached a live person, I had to go through a series of recordings including one that told me all the recent charges on my account. I didn't hear past the automated voice saying I had $800 charge pending.

Adidas James Harden Sneakers

is continue to take precautions. I will continue shredding personal documents before throwing them away, I will make an effort to regularly change my online passwords, monitor all my accounts closely and remember to take advantage of the three free credit reports we are all permitted each year. Hopefully, that will be enough.

some wait staff (5 or 6 if memory serves) at a handful of restaurants located from destin down to panama learned about portable swipers. When you hand your cc to someone and they walk away with it, they can do anything with it. In this case they were swiping it thru a small hand held reader that would copy the card magnetic data and store it. they would then swipe your card for the intended sale and return your card. Later at home they would take the swiper and download the card data and then make purchases online with it. They got away with quite a lot of small purchases especially on an american express black card. They got busted when someone made a large purchase ($300) for a pair of boots on a visa debit card. The owner noticed it immediately when all their stuff started bouncing.

Turns out someone had gone furniture shopping in North Carolina on me.

Adidas James Harden Sneakers

Adidas James Harden Sneakers

The credit card company canceled my card and promised to send a new one, made sure I wouldn't have to pay the fraudulent charges and said they'd alert the credit companies to the identity theft to ensure nothing happened to my credit score.

´╗┐been using my credit card

The reality is there are countless opportunities for identity theft in this day and age. From a waitress copying down credit card information when you pay the tab to online stores you've purchased from getting hacked.

What I'm left wondering, though, is where did it happen and could I have done anything to prevent it?

Adidas James Harden Sneakers

I spent about 15 minutes on the phone straightening it all out, and after it was over I couldn't help thinking it could have been a lot worse.

Without expecting an answer, (I've been in this business too long), I actually asked the woman I was on the phone with if there was any way to know when or how someone had gotten my credit card information. She said, just as I suspected, that it was nearly impossible to tell.

Adidas James Harden Sneakers

What I can Adidas James Harden Sneakers do, and what everyone should do, Womens Adidas High Tops Sale

I shred and/or black out papers with personal information on them before throwing them away and I'm careful with where I make my online purchases.

My account showed that I had supposedly purchased $12.95 worth of merchandise that day from a store I was 99 percent positive I hadn't been to in months.

Adidas James Harden Sneakers

This happened locally a few years back.

Adidas James Harden Sneakers

Adidas James Harden Sneakers

I got one of those phone calls on Adidas Energy Boost 2 Atr Women's

Initially, I thought the call might have been a fraudulent attempt to glean information from me and so I checked my account for this supposedly suspicious activity before calling. (It's probably Harden Vol.1 Home

Adidas James Harden Sneakers

Friday evening that no one looks forward to.

important to note here I had just checked my account that morning and saw nothing out of the ordinary and that I spent a lot of time at my last job writing about identity theft.)

Adidas James Harden Sneakers

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