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apparent skateboard damage to the war memorial.

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Mr Wilson said the association was also angry about Adidas Energy Boost Black White

More than 40 people attended a service in March to mark the installation of the bench which remembers Mr Self, known best as 'Ray', who also served countries including Burma and Singapore during the Second World War.

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Womens Adidas High Tops

Womens Adidas High Tops

special man, a brilliant person and that's why the seat was put there.

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Womens Adidas High Tops

Memorial bench for Ray Self, which has been broken.

The double dose of disrespect has caused deep upset particularly among people who knew Ray Self, the late naval serviceman who was Womens Adidas High Tops involved in the Normandy landings, and to whom the bench outside St Peter Mancroft church near The Forum is dedicated.

the Norwich War Memorial turned around to face City Hall.

A spokesman for Norwich City Council said: "We a very sorry to hear about the damage to the association's memorial bench.

"He had an awful lot of respect from us. We're just upset his seat has been damaged. He would be very, very upset."

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"The Norwich War Memorial is now also being use as a skateboard area with steps being chipped and black marks from the wheels.

What do you think? Write, including your full address and contact details, to the Letters Editor, Norwich Evening News, Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich, NR1 1RE.

"People disrespecting public property and spaces within the city is a matter we take very seriously and we are continuously looking at ways of managing any form of antisocial behaviour. We will also be assessing the need for any potential repair work to the war memorial."

He said: "The association feels quite strongly about this, particularly in the light of the fact that the area, outside the Forum has become a skate board park not only in the evening, but during the day, little or no action being taken to stop this activity.

The plaque on the bench reads: "In memory of Ray Self, able seaman Royal Navy, served his city and country 1926 2013."

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Womens Adidas High Tops

"We're upset about it I just think there should be respect. I'm not against youngsters I just think they need to learn to respect these things."

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Brian Wilson, chairman of the Norfolk and Norwich Combined Ex Services Association, said: "Ray was a very special man. He was a real man of the city who fought for 20 years with Ray Holland to get the memorial turned round.

"He was such a lovely man and brave as well he helped to save people from burning ships during the war he was a Adidas Harden Volume 1 Black

Mr Self, who died in August last year, was also a key figure in a 20 year campaign to get Adidas High Top Sneakers Online

But a member of Mr Self's family discovered the bench, which cost 1,400 and was paid for by donations from military organisations, was damaged with one of the wooden slats broken and in pieces on floor.

City service veterans are also angry that people are dishonouring war heroes by using the newly refurbished Norwich War Memorial as a skatepark.

´╗┐Bench commemorating life of Norwich war hero damaged by vandals weeks after unveiling

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