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´╗┐Bedroom tax will be forced on thousands in Adidas Duramo 5 W Review

Figures supplied by Wolverhampton Homes, Dudley Council, Walsall Housing Group and Cannock Chase Council show that between two and 13 one bedroom homes become available in an average week.

Think this country is a little tooo hypocritical if you ask me.

Well "Gail" try being 56 years old worked all my life then get made redundant. Children have grown up and left home and stuck with a 3 bed house. No one wants the over 50s so not actually given the opportunity for employment regardless of endless applications, and no smaller houses to move to. No I dont like signing on and if I was offered a job I would jump at the chance. at least then I wouldnt be worried out of my mind as to how I will pay half my jobseekers allowance out in rent and council tax. You try and live on 30 per week, you try and pay all your bills on this, Do you really think this is a life of luxury?. So I think you should kindly keep your opinions to yourself

Adidas Energy Boost 2 Size 13

Adidas Energy Boost 2 Size 13

We get a job right?

Adidas Energy Boost 2 Size 13

How do we live out there

No body (or very few people) like signing on, but the jobs have to be there. Sorry Gail but not everyone is perfect like you. What do you think claimants are going to say "Oh, I let my children go without because some closed minded women on blog does not like me signing on, get real and do not be smug, please. It may have escaped your notice but we are in double dip recession, could even go into a third and unemployment can happen to anyone at Adidas Energy Boost White On Feet

Wolverhampton Homes has 3,000 plus. Dudley Council has more than 3,400 tenants affected.

So whats the difference between the thousands of britts who go to live out in Spain and work out there to the Polish who come to this country and work over here?

Some of us Save really hard to buy a property in Spain, France, Italy etc.

I agree with Gail, I on a decent salary however my husband unfortunately is on a very poor salary, combined this puts us just over the threshold to receive any benefits however if he was not working we would receive all kinds of help such as working tax credits, Adidas Energy Boost 2 Size 13 housing benefit and so on.

anytime without any warning but I hope it does not. However if it ever does some may say it is karma. x

Government under fireover bedroom tax trap See today's Express Star

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Stop believing this right wing claptrap, take some pride in yourself, and stop spouting rubbish!

I sick of hearing people winge about the bedroom tax or what ever you want to call it. At the end of the day, if you receive housing benefits then why should you have the privilege to have spare bedrooms when most working people pay ridiculous fees in private rent because they can get a council house. Down grade to a smaller property if you don want your benefits cut, or even better, GET A JOB!

According to some people, immigrants are stealing all the jobs AND living the life of Riley on benefits. If that were true you wouldn be able to go anywhere without bumping into these foreigners. Where are they all?

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and considering your name is "ILOVESUN" I dare not say you would be the first to jet off and live in a hot warm country with a nice villa if you could

However, it emerged today that there are three times as many people in the region affected by the housing benefit cut as there are one and two bedroom homes which will become available through councils and social landlords over a year.

But in Cannock Chase almost 600 council tenants are affected by the housing benefit changes, while Walsall Adidas Duramo Leather Black

The real problem is that there are not enough jobs and too many are paid a pittance.

The list of excuses for idleness criminality is endless!

all these "benefits" make my blood boil, benefits should only go to people who are in need of them, they are not a replacement for fags, beer and bingo money, i would stop all child benefits, if you can not afford kids , you should not have them, i would stop winter payments, most people who get winter payments are still in work, do you want more!!! the country is on its knees, i wish the government would just come out and say exactly what we need to pay in tax, and we could get back to having a prosperous country

Talk about trying to justify your own idleness!

Some people shoplift, so I don see why I should pay for my shopping.

Some people drive their car without insurance, so I don see why I should have to pay for it.

Now what happends when we buy a property abroad and move there?

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West Midlands Express Star

We be better of financially if he did not work, however this is just the easy option.

As for this bedroom tax, if the properties were available for people to downsize into, there may be some justification for this assault on those least able to defend themselves. As it is, the properties simply aren there and the whole exercise is another simple benefit cut.

Council and social housing tenants will lose 14 to 25 per cent of their housing benefit from April 1 if they have one or more spare bedrooms. It will leave them potentially paying hundreds of pounds extra a year in rent unless they are able to downsize to a smaller home.

Housing Group has more than 2,700 affected tenants on its books and

Adidas Energy Boost 2 Size 13

Adidas Energy Boost 2 Size 13

Adidas Energy Boost 2 Size 13

Adidas Energy Boost 2 Size 13

Adidas Energy Boost 2 Size 13

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